The Joy Series

We all want joy! But sometimes, for whatever reason, joy can be hard to come by. Whether you find yourself regularly inclined to anxiety, sadness, or depression or you’re in a dark season currently, joy can feel elusive. It’s even more difficult when the Bible talks so much about joy. How can Christians lack joy?! We’re supposed to be the most joyful people on planet earth! The reality is life can be hard and joy can be hard to find. But joy is real. So, what is joy? How do we practice it? What does it look like? What’s the point of joy? Join Vintage Church for 4 weeks as we uncover what Scripture has to say about this important and practical topic.

Sermons in this Series

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Mental Health Moments

For each week in this series, we’re also highlighting a “Mental Health Moment.” God is concerned with our whole health––spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental. And because we’re a whole person, these aspects of our health are always intertwined, especially as it relates to joy. These mental health moments come from Vintage Partners who also serve in our region as Licensed Professional Counselors. They offer practical tools for not only our mental health but also our joy. 

A Liturgy for Embracing Sorrow & Joy
Managing Anxiety
The Power of Wonder & Discovery
Reflective Journaling