The Good Life

We all want the “good life,” and everywhere we look people, companies, and organizations are pushing their version of the good life. “Life is good when you have money.” “Life is good when you look good.” “Life is good when you can do what you want.” “Life is good when . . .” But the Lord is the giver of life, and therefore shouldn’t he have a say in what the good life looks like? Jesus in his most famous sermon, the Sermon on the Mount, gave us a vision for the good life. Join Vintage Church as we uncover what Jesus has to teach us about the good life.

Series Resources

A Time to Return: Lent Devotional Readings

“The season of Lent is a time to return to the Lord. During this season the best place to begin with is Scripture. “A Time to Return” is a devotional guide through Scripture focused on sin, God’s love, Jesus, repentance, our response, and the church. Beginning with Ash Wednesday, “A Time to Return,” moves us through Lent to Easter. Join us as we return to the Lord together.