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We’re ANTICIPATING God for What’s Next! In 2019, Vintage Church looked at the life of Abraham and discovered that Abraham ANTICIPATED God to move in his life. Because of who God is, Abraham trusted God. And because God is the same today as he was then, we can ANTICIPATE God. But what’s the greatest way we can ANTICIPATE God together? God is a good, all-powerful, loving God who desires to hear us! We can and will ANTICIPATE God when we pray to him. Join Vintage Church as we kick off the new year learning how to pray from Jesus and pray to the Lord together. Let’s ANTICIPATE What’s Next!

Join us for a special series kickoff on Sunday, January 5 at 9 & 11! Check out our Visit a Gathering page for all the info you need.

Anticipate Prayer Challenge

As part of this series we’re entering into a 40 Prayer Challenge. Join us starting January 8 as we pray for ourselves, our church, our city, and our nation. Head over to the ANTICIPATE Prayer Challenge page for info and to follow along!

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Bible Reading Plans

Psalms for Prayer
January 5-25

Give Thanks (3 Weeks)
January 26–February 15

Psalms of Rest (1 Week)
February 16–22


Detox Fasting Guide