The season of Advent and ultimately the birth of our Savior is upon us. This season and day is special every year. Advent is a season of anticipation, when we not only remember the birth of Jesus, but look forward to his return. But what are we doing to prepare our hearts for this special season and day? How do we spiritually prepare to remember the birth of Jesus and anticipate his return? Join Vintage Church for a teaching series through the book of Malachi. Written some 400 years before Jesus, Malachi was God’s final Old Testament message to Israel. Today, Malachi is still God’s message for us—a message to prepare for Jesus. How will you prepare?

Sermons in this Series

Series Resources

An Introduction to the Book of Malachi

This short introduction is designed to help you better understand the book of Malachi. This brief commentary will give you insight into why it was written, key theological themes, and more. Understanding the book of Malachi ultimately helps us prepare to experience God afresh.

Bible Reading Plans

As we walk through this series, we will be reading through a two different bible reading plans from She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth. Click the book images below to visit their plan pages. You can also check out our Bible Reading Plans page for more details.

The Lord is our God

November 1–21

Advent 2020: Jesus Christ is Born

November 29–December 26