COVID has PHASED all of us! Over the last eighteen months we’ve moved forward through phases, modified phases, and back through phases. Many of us thought we’d be past COVID by now and back to “normal.” For many of us, we’ve entered a “new normal.” Some things look the same, and other things are different. If things are different, shouldn’t our new normal be different? If so, how do we adjust to this new normal? How should our lives look different? What should our priorities be? While this might all be new for us, God has wisdom to help us all live in this new PHASE. Join Vintage Church as we uncover this wisdom together.

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An Introduction to the Book of Haggai

As we dive into the book of Haggai, take some time to read through this introduction booklet written by our Vintage Press Writing Team. This booklet features a ton of helpful information including authorship, context, purpose, themes, and more!