The gospel is good news. And it is good news for so many reasons. During the season of Lent, Christians take time to reflect on the death of Jesus, his excruciating death on the cross for us. The cross of Jesus has many dimensions, and its dimensions are integrated. The cross of Jesus is an integrated, multidimensional atonement. It’s multidimensional in that the cross of Jesus accomplished much. It’s integrated in that everything the cross accomplished is related. And it’s atonement because his death accomplished something between God and humanity. Join Vintage Church for this Lenten season as we uncover together the many dimensions of the good news of the cross of Jesus.

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Series Resources

Lent Prayer & Fasting Guide

This Lent join Vintage Church in prayer and fasting! Below you’ll find a guide for both prayer and fasting. Our Prayer Guide is designed to provide you a specific prayer point for every weekday of Lent. Don’t forget to join Vintage Church on Wednesdays at 6a for corporate prayer. 

Our Fasting Guide is designed to give you help and support in fasting. There are examples of ways to fast as well as things to consider before fasting. Whether you’ve fasted before or not, it is a short but helpful guide!

Find printed copies of the Lent & Fasting Prayer Guide at our Sunday worship gatherings. 

2024 Bible Reading Plan

This year Vintage Church is going to utilize the Five Day Bible Reading Plan. This plan has a lot of great elements. These include:

  • We’ll read through the whole Bible chronologically in 1 year.
  • We’ll read portions of the Old Testament & New Testament each day. 
  • It’s 5 days of reading each week!
  • If the OT and NT is too much, you can pick to read just one and not the other. 
  • They offer a “Reader’s Companion” for those that want more help ($3.99).