Cross Over

Few books are as fundamental to the Christian faith as the book of Exodus. Exodus not only teaches us about the redemption of God’s people, Israel, it provides us with a paradigm for understanding God’s future redemption of humanity. The people of Israel were physically enslaved in Egypt. Humanity today is spiritually enslaved to sin. We’re all in need of redemption. God redeemed Israel enabling them to cross over out of Egypt. Through the sacrifice of Jesus, we are enabled to cross over into life from our sin. When we understand the book of Exodus, we understand God, his grace, and ultimately our redemption.

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An Introduction to the Book of Exodus

As we dive into the book of Exodus, take some time to read through this introduction booklet written by our Vintage Press Writing Team. This booklet features a ton of helpful information including authorship, context, purpose, themes, and more!