Can't Stop Won't Stop

Life is full of distractions and difficulties. It’s easy to get consumed with everything going on in and around your life. If we’re not careful those things overtake us, we lose hope, and ultimately walk away from the most important thing in our life: Jesus Christ. The Book of Hebrews was written to Christians who had experienced similar circumstances. Because of what was happening to them, they were thinking about returning to the life they knew prior to Jesus. Hebrews, however, reminds us that Jesus is superior to everything in life, and because of that, we should persevere in our faith. Join Vintage Church as we begin a series through the book of Hebrews, reminding ourselves we “can’t stop, won’t stop!”

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An Introduction to the Book of Hebrews

This short introduction is designed to help you better understand the book of Hebrews. This brief commentary will give you insight into who wrote the book of Hebrews, why it was written, key theological themes, and more. While the book of Hebrews can be difficult to understand, understanding it more thoroughly will strengthen our faith with Jesus.