What if you focused more on who you are becoming than what you are doing? What if who you were becoming mattered more than what you had accomplished? In our culture today it’s all about what you’ve achieved, but does God have the same concerns? Join Vintage Church as we learn about who God wants us to be and how we become that person.

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As we focus on who we are becoming in our worship gatherings, in our vGroups we are learning how we become who God wants us to be.

The Journey of Becoming

In week 1, Pastor Dustin introduces how we will become by walking through the journey of spiritual formation.

The Vehicle of Becoming

In week 2, Pastor Dustin  highlights the importance of self-awareness in our journey of becoming.

Self-awareness Along the Journey of Becoming

In week 3, Pastor Dustin  explains how God uses the spiritual habits to transform us into who he wants us to become.

Intentionally Becoming

In week 4, Pastor Dustin encourages intentionality in our becoming. In particular, he focuses on how to develop a rule of life, focusing on identifying priorities and rhythms in life.

The Secret to Becoming

In week 5 of our discussion, Pastor Dustin uncovers the secret of becoming—silence and solitude. 

Reading to Become

In week 6, Pastor Dustin Turner looks at the important spiritual habit of Bible reading. The Bible is important because it is God’s word to us. Therefore we should understand the importance of why and how we read the Bible.

Praying to Become

In week 7, Pastor Dustin Turner discusses another essential spiritual habit—prayer.

Resting to Become

In week 8, Pastor Dustin Turner explains one of the most under-utilized and neglected spiritual habits—Sabbath.

Belonging to Become

In week 9, Pastor Dustin concludes our Becoming series by reminding us that the journey of becoming is not a solitary journey. We need community!



Web Resources

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John Mark Comer & Jefferson Bethke
Faith Drive Entrepenuer

Episode 49: A Rule of Life for Redemptive Entrepreneurs with Andy Crouch

Practicing the Way

Resources on spiritual disciplines from Bridgetown Church

The Way

A sermon series from Menlo Church

Spiritual Formation

An article from Dallas Willard on what spiritual formation is and how it’s done

Bible Reading Plans

As we walk through this series, we will be reading through a few different bible reading plans from She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth. Click the book images below to visit their plan pages. You can also check out our Bible Reading Plans page for more details.

The Sermon on the Mount

August 30–September 26

The Psalms of Ascent

September 27–October 17

The Miracles of Jesus

October 18–31