What is the Church’s Answer to Racism?

August 23, 2020
1 Corinthians 13
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Sermon Description

What does God have to say about racism? The church’s answer to racism is the necessary, selfless, eternal lived-out love of God.


In lieu of a formal discussion guide for this series, we're going to spend time in focused prayer. Each week we will be praying for 2 different things: 1. A topic related to the sermon and the series and 2. One of our ServeNOLA partners. Join our church as we pray for ourselves, our church, our city, and our world.

Racism Series
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to empower his church to love. In light of racism, let’s ask the Holy Spirit to equip us with the ability to love others, especially those who are of a different race than us.
ServeNOLA Partner: New Orleans Mission
  • New Opportunity: We have a major opportunity with Carnival Cruise lines. They are donating a cruise ship to us and we would use it for transitional housing. We would also use it for vocational training as well. It will be an incredible opportunity, but we need prayer that all the details will line up place for us to be able to move forward. We desire that the Lord’s will be done in all of this.
  • Men & Women: We pray that the Lord would continue to send men and women to us that are ready for change in their lives. That He would send them to us with hearts ready to encounter Him and to live for Him.
  • Upcoming Events: We have our Fashion Show coming up on September 11th and our Gala on November 20th. I would ask for prayer in that the Lord would give us wisdom in planning and executing our events. I would ask for prayer that he would continually bless our efforts to further the work that He has us doing for His Kingdom.
  • Our Staff: Pray that the Lord would protect our families, that He would speak through us, and that the Lord would be glorified in all that we do.
Sermon Snapshot

Check out a brief snapshot from this message. Like what you see? Make sure to check out the full sermon video above.

Love Does Not Insist on Its Own Way
The love with which we are to love must be selfless. Watch as Pastor Dustin Turner challenges us to think about the needs and feelings of others, especially of our brothers and sisters of color.

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