Why Deep & Wide

In 2021, Vintage Church wants to go deep AND wide. Like Jesus we want to experience intimacy with the Father, grow in our relationship with him, and become who he wants us to become. Similarly, we want to go in the power of the Holy Spirit and minister, serve, and love people. If we’re going to live like Jesus, it’s not going to happen accidentally. We need intentionality to make it happen. In order to focus on who we are becoming in Jesus and focus on who we are inviting into Jesus, Vintage Church will grow in four deep and wide spiritual habits. Each one of us will prayerfully assess who Jesus wants us to become and implement one key “deep” habit each quarter to aid us in that endeavor. We will also implement one key “wide” habit each quarter to aid us in inviting others into Jesus.

General Resources

Quarterly Guide Books

There will be a guide book for each quarter that will walk through the disciplines we’re focusing on that quarter, as well as space for taking notes along with sermons, vGroup discussions, Equip Nights, etc.

Recommended Readings
Sermon Resources

For all Deep & Wide sermon resources, click the habit images below or visit our Deep & Wide sermon series webpage.

Deep & Wide Introduction Sermon

In 2021 Vintage Church is going DEEP and WIDE. Jesus modeled the rhythm of the Christian life—deep and wide. How will you go deep and wide?

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4