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We’re living in a cultural moment where we either stand up for the truth and love of God or we remain silent and complicit to the sin and hate around us. The sin of racism has plagued our country and culture for nearly 400 years despite God having much to say about it. Vintage Church and every other church is at a pivotal moment, a moment of decision and will. Join Vintage as we hear from God and discover what he has to say about racism and how the church should respond to the sin of racism.


Race Conversations

*The views expressed in these videos are not necessarily the views of Vintage Church.

What is Race?

In the first conversation on race, Pastor Dustin, Mark-Anthony, and guest Samuel Hendricks sit down to discuss what race is and what our responsibility as Christians is in response to race and reconciliation.

Racism and the Church
In the second conversation on race, Pastor Dustin, Mark-Anthony, and guest Samuel Hendricks sit down to discuss racism in the church. Mark-Anthony and Samuel share their personal experiences and background dealing with this issue firsthand.
Racism and Law

In the third conversation on race, Pastor Dustin, Mark-Anthony, and guest Jasmine Brown sit down to discuss racism and how it affects law and the legal system. As an attorney and consultant, Jasmine shares her firsthand experience of the things she’s seen and been made aware of in the legal and judicial systems.

Racism and Health Care

In the fourth conversation on race, Pastor Dustin, Mark-Anthony, and guest Trevor Locklear sit down to discuss racism and how it affects health care and access to good care. As a medical professional, Trevor has had a lot of up close interactions with the health care system and what access looks like for underprivileged people.

Racism and Education

In the fifth conversation on race, Pastor Dustin, Mark-Anthony, and guests Dr. Erin Wheeler and Erica Martinez sit down to discuss racism and its affects on the education system. Dr. Wheeler shares her personal experiences in the education system, and she and Erica share how what they do is helping having a positive impact on the lives of the students they work with.

Say What?! Equip Series

What happens when we have to participate in uncomfortable conversations? Can we really engage with hard truths without damaging our relationships? In this series we explore crucial communication skills that lay the groundwork for productive and effective conversations that also prioritize unity and our relationships.

Session 1
Communication 101
Why are some conversations so difficult? In week one we define communication and look at all the various elements that factor into our communication. One of the most crucial skills in productive communication is Perspective Taking. In week one we do a deep dive into what makes up our perspectives and how certain strategies can help us understand others more effectively.
Session 2
Building a Supportive Climate
Have you ever seen a conversation make things worse in a relationship? Sometimes before initiating a hard conversation we need to consider the communication climate of the relationship. We need to ask ourselves, Can this relationship handle this hard conversation at this time? In week two we learn how to improve and build positive communication climates through our actions, our listening, and our words. 
Session 3
Go Time
Once we’ve done the hard work of evaluating our communication climates, we know we’re ready to initiate an uncomfortable conversation. Maybe we get thrown into a hard conversation that we didn’t see coming. This week we explore how to prepare for these moments, and how to organize and guide the conversation in a way that stays productive and effective, while making sure the relationship stays intact.


This two-hour documentary is about the increasingly common conversation taking place in homes and communities across the country between parents of color and their children, especially sons, about how to behave if they are ever stopped by the police. This program originally aired in 2017.

It’s been decades since Brown v. Board of Education, yet American schools remain largely segregated. Some leaders are working to change that.


The Color of Compromise
Jemar Tisby
One Blood
John M. Perkins
Christian Worldview
Philip Graham Ryken
Beyond Racial Gridlock
George Yancey
For families and kids
a kids book about racism
Jelani Memory
One Blood
John M. Perkins

Other Online Resources

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