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Regardless of who you are, where you come from, or what you do, you need community. Simply put, we were not created to be alone. We were created to be in relationship with others.

Community is important for Vintage Church. We facilitate community through vGroups. vGroups are small groups of 10-20 people who meet regularly throughout the city for transformation, connection, and multiplication. We believe than in community people’s lives are transformed for the better. Transformation occurs primarily through Scripture and prayer. In our vGroups, almost every week we are having Scripture-based discussions as well as focusing on prayer. Through vGroups, connection also occurs, where people build lasting friendships. Connection occurs primarily through relationships and care. Finally, we believe that multiplication occurs through our vGroups. Through outreach as well as sending out other vGroups, people all around New Orleans and the world experience community. 

Give vGroups a chance. Regardless of who we are, we all need community because we all need transformation, connection, and multiplication. Join a group. Change your life.

Interested in finding a vGroup in your area and/or one that fits your schedule? Click the button below to see a list of our vGroups.

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