Take Care of Yourself

October 30, 2022
1 Thessalonians 5:23–24
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Sermon Description

Take care of yourself before the Lord. Ya heard me!


Weekly Prayer Guide

Join Vintage Church each day of the week for self-guided prayer. The focus of this prayer time is ultimately intimacy with the Lord. We want to draw near to our God as a church.

Our prayer time will include morning, midday, and evening prayer. Each moment of prayer is intended to include (1) silence, (2) written prayer, (3) Scripture reading, and (4) prayer. Our Scripture readings will include a New Testament passage in the morning, Old Testament in the midday, and a psalm in the evening.

Written Prayers
Scripture Readings:
  • Monday: Matthew 5:1-12; Jonah 1:1–6; Psalm 120
  • Tuesday: Matthew 5:13–20; Jonah 1:7–17; Psalm 121
  • Wednesday: Matthew 5:21–26; Jonah 2:1–10; Psalm 122
  • Thursday: Matthew 5:27–32; Jonah 3:1–5; Psalm 123
  • Friday: Matthew 5:33–42; Jonah 3:6–10; Psalm 124
  • Saturday: Matthew 5:43–48; Jonah 4:1–11; Psalm 125


Join Vintage Church via Zoom on Wednesdays at Noon for our midday prayer!