Bearing the Weight

Dustin Turner
March 30, 2022

“He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.”

1 Peter 2:22-24

Have you ever thought about the justice of the cross? Jesus was completely sinless and thereby innocent. Yet he died the death of a criminal. Crucifixion was brutal. While painful, crucifixion was also publicly humiliating. A person would hang there on a cross, normally naked, while others passed by. When people saw people crucified, they knew they were criminals. Yet Jesus “bore our sins in his body on the tree.” Despite his innocence, Jesus willingly went to the cross. He knew his death was not just about him but about finishing the mission God had sent him to accomplish. He became sin so that we might become righteousness. 

What an incredible truth! Jesus bore our sin; he took it all. When we think about the cross, we often think about the physical pain that Jesus must have endured. We fail to see the spiritual pain he suffered. A sinless, righteous person took upon himself the world’s sin. Despite experiencing perfect communion with the Father, that communion was broken by the sin Jesus bore. Jesus felt God’s wrath against sin. Yet Jesus still bore our sin. He felt the weight of our sin. What a savior! How blessed are we that Jesus chose to exchange our sin for his righteousness, that we might “die to sin and live to righteousness.” Let’s remember that truth today. Christ bore our sin that we might have his righteousness. 


  1. Think about the weight of your sin. Reflect on how Jesus has changed your life. By Jesus bearing your sin, how has he transformed your life?
  2. Because Jesus bore our sin, we have died to sin and live to righteousness. How are you practically killing sin and living in Jesus’s righteousness?
  3. Thank Jesus. Thank Jesus that he bore your sin and experienced the penalty of sin. Praise him for his loving sacrifice. 

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