Real Christianity is often confused and distorted. Imperfect people with imperfect beliefs and imperfect actions have caused many to look upon Christianity with contempt, but few people take issue with Jesus. While Christians are imperfect people, they follow a perfect Jesus. So, what does it really mean to follow Jesus? What does it mean to be a Christian? Join Vintage Church as we learn from the brother of Jesus, James, and discover what it means to live Christianly.

Sermons in this Series

Series Resources

An Introduction to the Book of James

As we dive into the book of James, take some time to read through this introduction booklet written for our 2015 Equip Series on James. This booklet features a ton of helpful information including authorship, context, purpose, themes, and more!

2015 Equip Series – Living Faith

Are you looking for more resources on the book of James? Check out this Equip Series from 2015 on the Book of James. Led by Pastor Dustin, Living Faith took a 6-week deep dive into James. You’ll find video and audio teaching as well as teaching notes from each equip night. 

James Bible Reading

Join Vintage Church during our James series as we read through and meditate on the book each week. Our plan is simple, read one chapter of James five days a week. 

  • Monday: James 1
  • Tuesday: James 2
  • Wednesday: James 3
  • Thursday: James 4
  • Friday: James 5