Ministry Information

Please list the names of two people whom we can contact as references. These should be people who have done ministry with you, but are not related to you.

Please list the last two churches you have been a part of.
As a Vintage Church Leader, do you commit to:
  • love God and to love our families above all things.
  • care for our partners and seek their growth in Christ.
  • provide teaching and counsel from the whole counsel of God’s Word.
  • help in time of need.
  • lead as elders and deacons under the guidelines found in God’s Word.
  • pray for our partners regularly.
  • be on guard against false teachings.
  • exercise church discipline when necessary.
  • help our partners become equipped to serve Christ.
  • follow Scripture and the Holy Spirit in regard to future plans for the church.
  • lead by example.

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